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Digital Solutions and Services

Our Globally Based innovative Digital Solutions and Services empower businesses worldwide to boost efficiency, drive revenue growth, enhance customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition.


Efficient Processes That Set The Pace For Success

Digital Solutions

Co-Innovating Digital Journeys

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Grassroots offers clients the benefits of reduced costs and increased productivity by automating redundant tasks in their enterprises through the application of Robotic Process Automation Artificial and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our team has expertise in automating tasks like processing transactions, data management, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. Our subject matter experts are certified in the implementation, maintenance and operational support of RPA products like Uipath and Automation Anywhere.

Smart Connected Solutions - Internet of Things

Grassroots’ enable clients to increase productivity and improve the quality of their deliverables based on Industry 4.0 by connecting their devices to the digital world and implementing IoT based solutions. These solutions are applicable across verticals and scales, be it Smart Factories, Smart Cities, Energy Efficiency, Supply Chain Optimization, etc.

Blockchain Solutions

Grassroots has considerable expertise in Blockchain and its functions like Shared Ledger, Distributed Ledger and Smart Contacts.

Our solutions are designed to enable our clients to achieve the adoption, integration and successfully realization of Blockchain networks. Our fluency in Digital Services that are compatible with Blockchain and help amplify its functionality comes as a value addition to our clients.

Data Solutions

The availability and management of intelligent data is of paramount importance to the success of any organization. We at Grassroots offer our clients this advantage in the form of two comprehensive solutions: Customer Analytics and Operations Analytics.

Grassroots’ Customer Analytics gives our clients a comprehensive look into customer behavior, needs and pain points, paving the way to boost bottom line performance. Our services include implementation of Customer 360, Campaign Analytics, Churn Management as well as Segmentation and Targeting.

Digital Services

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Soft Landing Services

We offer our international clients the benefit of working with us to give them a controlled environment to launch their IT businesses into new markets with minimal risks at competitive rates

Digital Transformation Services

Our team of subject matter experts audits and understands our clients’ legacy IT applications and upgrades them to better suit the current IT environment. Our team rediscovers current functionality, baselines requirements for upgrades, commissions new application development, tests and deploys new technologies while enabling seamless data migration.


Extended Research and Development Centers

We are a growing IT organization with a physical presence both in the United Kingdom and India. We are well-equipped to provide our clients with offshore Research and Development Centers

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Digital Incubation Services

We have collaborative services that help IT start-ups overcome teething issues such as workspace management, seed funding, mentoring, and training that, in turn, allows them to achieve tangible growth

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