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Case Studies

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High Abandon to High Efficiency: PNR Enquiry Made Easier with Intelligent IVR

Quarterly, 12.86% of the calls coming into Customer Care was PNR inquiry calls leading to high abandon and low service levels. Also blocking the customers, who wanted to book tickets.



PNR status calls dropped from 12.86% to 7.37% which is 5.49% in call volume getting reduced to Customer Care

Improvement in answering level by 15%

Refund Status Update: Intelligent IVR Increases Customers' Ease of Access

38% of the monthly calls coming into Customer Care were refund-status calls, impacting ease of access for customers due to high call volume.



Refund status calls dropped from 38% to 4%

Human Capital optimization brought in savings of INR 1.5 M, with a 30% improvement in call answering levels.

Realtime call volume monitoring cost-effective solution

  • Realtime call center performance and call volume monitoring cost-effective solution

  • TPT- OMNI Channel CRM integration

  • Cloud-based Click2Call for clients OMNI CHANNEL CRM

  • Chat BOTS

  • Remotely audit live calls



  • GREENPAGE - Customized in-house Real-time monitoring and reporting solution implemented, Chat BOTS, Cloud Click to Call using API-based cloud telephony for outbound calling, SSL VPN-based remote connectivity, and live call barging feature enabled

  • Better view on open support tickets

  • Expand customer reach channels using Chat BOTs with reduced Agents

  • Optimize agents utilization by using Outbound IVR for recursive informatic calls

  • PAN India Store Manager connect to customers seamlessly with Phone number hidden feature using click to call solution

Documentation and Automation: How Agent Productivity is Augmented

Agent productivity/dialing targets were impacted as Every call attempts detail had to be documented in client CRM including not connecting calls manually



RPA implemented on our auto dialer platform with 100% capability of auto updation of not connected calls on client CRM

  • Overall connect percent increased by 20%

  • 100% agent productivity on connected calls leading to better recovery

  • Reduction of manual comment updation on not connected calls

Intelligent BOTS RPA Capabilities

  • Collect Customer name and phone number from client CRM

  • Scrub it against the NDNC database

  • Push it to the dialer for outbound calling



  • Intelligent BOT integrated with Voice Platform: In-house developed

  • No manpower is needed for manual information extraction from client CRM

  • No manpower needed to Scrub the data

  • No manpower is needed for activating data on the dialer

  • Runs 24/7 unattended

Chat & Voice BOTS RPA Capabilities

  • BOT is to be used for taking customer support calls

  • BOT is to be used to take restaurant orders from tables directly



  • Voice BOT and Voice APP- [ In POC stage ]

  • Reduced manpower

  • Manage spikes in call volumes

  • Reduces waiting in queue for ordering

Enable channel based on FAQ

  • Chat BOT integrated with Voice Platform -

  • [ To be launched soon ]


  • Expand customer reach

  • Lower inbound call volumes

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